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Description of walnut Flooring/engineered wood flooring


About This Wood

Walnut wood originates from walnut tree,a family of over 21 species of trees found from Europe to American.Walnut timber is extremely hard,dense and tight-grained,properties which make it a prized flooring and worktops wood.It starts as a dull brown colour wood,but when air-dried it becomes a rich chocolate-brown colour.


(1)Top layer: 2/3/4/5/6mm
(2)Total Thickness( timber layer + plywood base): 10/12/14/15/18/20/21/22mm
(3)Width: 90/110/120/135/150/180/189mm
(4)Length: 300-1860mm(RL) / 900mm (FL)/1860mm (FL)/2200mm (FL)
2.Technical Specification:
(1)Varnishing: 7 layers coating of Treffert Aluminum Oxide finish
(2)Base Core:poplar&Eucalyptus.
(3)Glue: Dynea Glue, exceed E1 standard.
(4)Joints: 4 sides T&G, with mirco bevel,or Click System  
(5)Painting: Treffert UV from German, natural oil or un-finished
(6)Surface: normal flat; hand scraped
(7)Gloss: semi-gloss: 35 +/- 5%  High-light:75 +/- 5%

(8)Moisture Content:8%-12%
(9)Packing: Export Standard Carton & IPPC Pallets. 


(1)Keep the wood flooring dry and clean

(2)Wax the floor every 3 to 6 months to protect the floor and keeps the floor bright

(3)Don't impact the floor with heavy and hard objects. The feet of chairs and heavy furniture should be put on protective mats

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